Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Prophet Muhammad's (Peace be upon him) love for his wife Khadija (Allah be pleased with her)

The following is adapted from the book 'The Marital Life of Allah's Messenger' By Dr Hafiz Muhammad Thani...

 The Messenger of Allah married Khadija when he was 25 years old. Hazrat Khadija was his first wife. At the time of the marriage she was 40 years old, but yet as long as she was alive the Messenger of Allah did not take a second wife. Except for Hazrat Ibrahim, she gave birth to all of the Prophet's  children.

 The Messenger of Allah loved Hazrat Khadija endlessly. As long as she was alive he did not contract any other marriage. After her demise, whenever an animal was slaughtered in his house he used to send some of the meat to her friends. Hazrat Aisha (Allah be pleased with her) says that although she had not seen Hazrat Khadija, she envied her more than anyone else, because the Messenger of Allah always made mention of her. Once I vexed him in this regard, but he said ''Allah has filled my heart with love for her.'' (Saheeh Muslim, Hadith no. 2432 chapter concerning the virtues of Khadija)

 Once after Hazrat Khadija's demise, her sister Hala came to visit the Holy Prophet and asked for permission to enter. Her voice resembled that of  Hazrat Khadija. When he heard her call he got up to his feet and exclaimed 'This must be Hala'.

Hazrat Aisha in Istee'ab' is mentioned that the Holy Prophet once said: ''When the people denied me she testified; when the people were infidels, she became a believer; when there was no one to help me, she helped and supported me, and she gave birth to my children.'' (Musnad Ahmad 6/117-8)

 When the pagans began to trouble the Messenger of Allah, causing him all kinds of anguish, then it was Hazrat Khadijah who would comfort, console and reassure him. In the 'Istee'ab' is mentioned:

 ''The pain which the pagans rejection and denial caused the Holy Prophet was alleviated when he went to Hazrat Khadija because she used to testify him and whatever had been sent down to him, and she used to ease the grief which the idolaters caused him. Hazrat Khadijah lived for twenty-five years after the marriage with the Holy Prophet. She passed away three years before Hijra, on the 11th of Ramadan in the tenth year after the commencement of her husband's Prophetic mission.
 Her age was 64 years and six months when she had breathed her last. The Messenger of Allah himself stepped down in her grave, thus entrusting his dear wife, his source of infinite solace to the loving care of the Almighty.  (Ibn Saad, Tabaqutul Kubra)