Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hadhrat Faatima (r.a) Weeps at the Pale Appearance of Rasulullaah (s.a.w) Caused by his Exertion In the Duty Allah Entrusted to him

 Hadhrat Abu Tha'laba Khushani (r.a.) narrates that Rasulullaah (s.a.w) once returned from a battle and entered the Masjid to perform two Rakaahs of salaah. Whenever he returned from a journey, Rasulullaah   (s.a.w) always liked to proceed first to the Masjid to perform two Rakaahs of salaah and then go to the house of Hadhrat Faatima (r.a.) his daughter before proceeding to the homes of his wives. Consequently, he went to the home of Hadhrat Faatima (r.a.) upon returning from a particular journey before going to see his wives. Welcoming him at the door, Hadhrat Faatima (r.a.) started kissing Rasulullaah (s.a.w) on his face and his eyes. She then began weeping. When Rasulullaah (s.a.w) asked her what it was that made her weep, she replied, "0 Rasulullaah! It is because I see your face so pale and your clothing so tattered (because of the strenuousness of the journey) ."

To this, Rasulullaah (s.a.w.) said, "Do not weep, 0 Faatima. Allah as sent your father with a Deen by means of which He will enter honour or disgrace into every baked and unbaked home and every skin tent on the surface of the earth (those who accept Islaam will have the honour while the others will hiave the disgrace). It (the Deen) shall reach wherever the night reaches (everywhere) ."

Tabraani, Abu Nu'aym and Haakim, as quoted in Kanzul Ummaal (Vol.1 Pg.77). Refer to Ilaythami (Vo1.8 Pg.262) and Haakim (Vo1.3 Pg. 155) for commentary on the chain of narrators.

(from Hayatus Sahabah by Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Khandhlawi)